Turnaround Consulting

About you

Your business is under financial trouble? Expenses exceed its income? Do you think fresh thinking could help to improve the situation?


We follow a two steps approach: 1. actions required for enough liquidity; 2. turn your business around.

Together with you we analyse symptoms for the crisis, identify the sources and work on actions to turn your business around, in a sustainable way.

Depending on your business' financial crisis German authorities grant up to 90% of turnaround consultancy fees as cashback for businesses located in Germany. We will help you with the application.

Consultancy Services

- Turnaround Consulting
- Income & expenses analysis
- Financial statements analysis & interim accounts analysis
- Actions to improve profitability
- Financing strategy

for "companies in crisis" authorities grant up to 90%; Pay only 10% of consultancy Fees

How does it work?

A German ministry Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle (BAFA) grants  financial support for turnaround consulting if the equity is reduced by 50% due to suffered losses. Call us or read more under:


BAFA Merkblatt Förderung Unternehmen in
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Project Example

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