M&A: Mergers & Acquistions, Successions, Divestments

About you

Do you intent to acquire a business in Germany? Do you want to sell your business because you want to e.g. retire or pursue other business opportunities? Do you plan to set up a joint venture with a business partner?
Do you want to calculate a purchase price or require a business valuation?


In strategic decisions we a perfect match for you. Use our know how from purchase and sale of a lot of transactions, joint ventures, carve-outs, etc. We repect 100% confidentiality. With BT you can add financial competence to your team that guides you safely through an adventurous phase of a company sale or acquisition.

We are able to valuate businesses with state-of-the-art methods. Furthermore we are experts in project managment, negotiations and realisation of a business transaction. 

Of course, we cooperate with your legal and tax advisors.

Company Sale / Succession

There are a lot of reasons why to sell a business, but one point is always important - the suitable selling strategy. BT's approach is to support sellers who invested a lot of time, money and energy in their business in reaching their transactions goals. Service range:


- Structure and manage a sale process: selling strategy
- "Fit for sale": target preparation and best selling timing

- Prepare deal documents and marketing documents
- Initiate talks to potential investiors
- Due Diligence support / dataroom support
- Support in offer analysis
- Negotiation support

Acquistions / Company Purchase

As external consultant we support you / your organisation while acquiring a business:

  • Project management: we set up a suitable team
  • internal valuations / purchase price calculations
  • Due Diligence support / dataroom support
  • Assistance for submitting offers
  • Investment Research

Valuation Services

We offer all state-of-the-art methods for valuation of businesses:

  • German Present Value of Future Cash Flows "Ertragswertverfahren"
  • DCF-approaches
  • Multiples
  • Ranges / sensitivities

Project Example

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